David Dang, born in France is a French self-taught film director, of Vietnamese descent. Dang taps his multicultural background in his work, using the camera to open up new ways to view the world. Born in Normandy, he used to draw during his childhood a lot of comics which gives him attention to framing. This is the reason why he started as cinematographer on several projects then he moved as director quickly due to his vision. Dang worked for multiple clients like Lancôme, Adidas, Reebok, Renault, Alpine, Citroën DS, Lacoste, SFR, Orange, E-Leclerc, Nikon, Weleda, L'Oréal, Allianz, A.S.O., Universal Music... and he won several awards all around the world.

L'Orange Bleue
Grand Prix de la Com’ 2023 : 1 bronze, catégorie publicité

Lacoste "The 9th lane"
Cannes Lions 2022 : 1 bronze and 1 shortlist
The One Show 2022 - 5 pencils : 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze
D&AD 2022 - 2 pencils : 1 graphite, 1 wood and 2 shortlist
Le Club des DA 2022 : 2 rouge (Gold)
Stratégies 2022 : Or / Gold
Clio awards 2023 : 2 Silver
Gerety Awards 2022 : Silver

Kaspi Bank « The Fighter » commercial
Red Jolbors Central Asian Festival 2016 : 1 Silver Award
 Kyiv International Advertising Festival 2016 : 1 Shortlist

SFR "Epouse-moi" commercial
Creative 2019 : 1st Prize Film Caraïbes 2019 and Grand Prix Excellence Caraïbes 2019

Institut National du Cancer "Tabado games"  print & online campaign
Prix Empreintes de la santé créative 2020 : Silver Prize for the most creative Film
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